The Voices

For voice hearers, one suggested technique of coping is to pretend that each voice is embodied within a physical object such as a toy or puppet or statue.

In Selective Listening, Harrison chooses to use childhood toys for six distinctly different voices:

If you've ever had fleeting thoughts of rage, profanity and violence or disturbing visions, Smiling Herbert is determined to draw them out and keep you focussed on them.

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For all things carnal, even at the most inappropriate moments, Bean is the one to bounce (or BOING) insistently into your head.

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Molly is the one voice of occasional sweet hope. Unfortunately, this is accompanied by an overwhelming amount of paranoia and worry.

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Armed with plain facts, Conrad says it as it is...whatever the circumstance.

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The voice of constant mind-chatter. From wake till sleep, Marrow can be relied on to fill every silent moment with the white noise of babble.

Mousey doesn't speak – most of the time he sleeps. But when he awakes, it's to signal that things could be about to take a very bad turn...